The collection of side projects and contributions that I have worked on.

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Open Source

Dotfiles for MacOS

Setting up your Mac from the ground up is cumbersome and time consuming, so I automated the process. There are many variants of this, but here's mine. This project includes a lot of configuration settings and most of the software installation that I use everyday.


A fork of the newsletter theme for Ghost used for this site. The original version for this theme has some issues with SEO and accessibility, so I fixed them myself as I saw needed. I also add changes from time to time for my personal needs.



I contribute to the freeCodeCamp Spanish project with the translation and proofreading of the main curriculum. This provides a starting point for Spanish speakers who want to start coding at no cost.

Various certificates are now live! So you can get hacking right away:

If you have issues accessing the Spanish page of each certificate, then try to access them through the main curriculum page. I'll add each new certificate on the list above as soon as they get released.

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