Hello World!

An introduction to a new blog by a starting Software Engineer in the industry.

Hello and welcome! Hope you are having a good day.

I'm Juan Carrillo, a Software Engineer. And today is the day that I'm launching this website with my own name. At first I was hesitant about doing it, but hey, here we are.

After struggling about choosing platforms and tools, this site is now up. At the end, this site is being launched using Ghost on a Digital Ocean droplet.

Later I'll write about the process in an article or even make a simple guide, though, there are many of them. We'll see.

I decided to go with Ghost because I want to focus on writing and delivering good content instead of having friction with it in another platform.

But sure, Wordpress would have been a good option too. I used Ghost because is modern and I wanted to be cool, tbh.

Anyway, hope you like my future content.

Thanks for reading!

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