Hi! My name is Juan, but most people call me Juanca. I'm a Software Engineer focused on web development.

Hello and welcome to my personal blog!

I started coding on High School with embedded systems and PIC microcontrollers for small automated systems. This sparked my interest in programming and I decided to study Software Engineering as a professional career.

Currently I'm focused on web development, mainly in front-end development and complemented with some web design.

I also contribute to the freeCodeCamp Spanish project, with the translation and proofreading of the main curriculum to provide a starting point for Spanish speakers who want to start coding at no cost. Two certificates are now live so you can get started with Responsive Design and JavaScript.

In my spare time, I write on this blog things that I learn working on Software Engineering, my side projects, growth, people, technology, various thoughts and whatever I find worth sharing right here. Hope that we can both learn something new together!

Find me online @juancarrillofl. You can also contact me here.

Happy reading!